Do you know where your coffee comes from?
Each great coffee variety presents an extraordinarily different taste profile epending on its “terroir” - where, how and by whom it is grown. That is why it is important to give visibility to the land and to the person who produces each batch of coffee.

Traceability, defined as the emphasis placed on allowing the consumer to obtain all the necessary information about the coffee they drink, is one of the most relevant aspects of the Specialty Coffee sector.
ICO Number
In the 1960s the International Coffee Organization
established an identification code, assigning a shipping
and export code to each exporting country. This same
code has been stamped on each bag of coffee ever
since and we wanted to pay a little tribute to it here.
We all deserve a little treat from time to time and that’s why we have this
edicated corner of our website for the exemplary. Here you will find little gems presenting exceptional quality on both a taste and agronomic level - Geishas, Jamaica Blue Mountain and special microlots
of coffee.
First we individually roast each coffee in order to get the most out of each bean on a taste level. We then combine various coffees to obtain a perfectly balanced flavour.
Do you like the taste of coffee but could do without the caffeine? Or are you searching for a decaf which uses a natural, non-toxic decaffeination method and also tastes great? THIS SECTION IS FOR YOU

All Cafés El Magnífico decafcoffee is processed in a completely natural and chemical-free way, using either the Swiss Water process or by applying CO2.
Our coffees ground and encapsulated for your enjoyment.