Latte Art - El Magnífico

Latte Art

Intensive course

This course is aimed at coffee lovers who want to learn about milk emulsion and “latte art” drawings.

The working groups will be small (maximum 4 people) and the organization of the courses is on demand. The workshop will last 1.5 hours.

The course contents are:


1. Milk chemistry
2. Steaming the milk
3. Pouring technique
4. Latte art drawings

Where is it held? What days of the week is it on? What are the hours?
Don't worry, all of this detail will be sent to you after making the payment to reserve your place. The description here serves to provide information on the course content.

What to do before making the payment?
To discuss date and time or any other questions you might have, get in touch with the course trainer by email at or go oldschool and pick up the phone to talk through any queries: 93.319.60.81


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