La Plata - El Magnífico

La Plata

Cupping notes

Cocoa, maple syrup and sweet spices.

Full mouth body. Strong acidity.

The Farm (LA FINCA)

Each family processes the coffee on their farm. Once dried, they take it to the cooperative located in La Plata, a Colombian municipality located in the southwest of the department of Huila.

Huila coffee is one of the best recognised in Colombia and is characterised by sweet notes in the cup, good acidity and intense fragrance.


Only ripe cherries are collected and taken to the pulper, where pulp is removed and the coffee is passed through water channels until it reaches the fermentation tanks. To eliminate the mucilage, the coffee is soaked in water for about 24 hours. After this time, the coffee is passed through water channels again to finish removing the mucilage that may have remained attached to the grain.

Finally, the coffee is set to dry on patios, raised stretchers or canopies. Once it reaches 11% humidity, it is taken to the cooperative.


Huila is a province in southwestern Colombia. Located between the central and eastern mountain ranges, the Magdalena River winds through the entire region. Huila is also home to Colombia’s second highest peak: the Nevado del Huila volcano. With year-round average temperature of 18° C and fertile soil containing a variety of rich mineral resources, Huila boasts a vibrant agricultural industry. Descendants of indigenous groups (Pieces, Halcones and Pijaos) continue to inhabit their places of origin in this region, living in specific protected areas and other small communities.


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