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Los Pirineos | Black Honey


Cupping Notes

Sweet, floral and fruity.

Subtle acidity. Lightweight body.

La Finca (The Farm)

Finca Los Pirineos has produced “Cup of Excellence” coffees no less than eight times, four of which were ranked in the top ten. The producer, Gilberto Baraona, was on the auction board of the Project Origin Best of El Salvador. The farm uses eight different processing methods and more than 90 varieties of coffee.

Located on the Tecapa volcano in Usulután at 1,550 metres above sea level, Finca Los Pirineos is a model farm and coffee mill.

Gilberto was one of the most recognized coffee producers in El Salvador, having won numerous awards in the world of Specialty Coffee. Gilberto tragically passed away from Covid in June 2020, and today, his children Diego and Fabiola, have taken up the mantle of their father’s activities.

Salvador Sans and Gilberto were good friends for many years and we are proud to welcome their coffees once again to Cafés El Magnífico. We think of it as a wonderful gift from Gilberto, through which we can continue to share a little of his presence.


After being pulped, the coffee bean is left to dry in the sun for 2 days with the layer of mucilage attached. Once these two days of covered drying in African beds are completed, the bean continues shade drying. This is a 25-day process until the grain reaches 11% moisture.


Located in the east of the country, the mountainous region of Tecapa – Chinameca (500 – 2,140 metres above sea level) covers 17,300 hectares where its almost 3,000 producers can see the dew covering the coffee trees in the early hours of the morning. The most common varieties in the region are: Bourbon, Pacas and Pacamara.

The altitude and the annual precipitation create an ideal microclimate – its situation facing east and west allows a longer solar exposure which helps a better maturation of the fruit, and fertile soils with a high content of organic and volcanic matter provide high content of phosphorus and potassium nutrients, which are necessary to obtain high quality coffees.

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