Qoree - El Magnífico


Cupping notes

Fruity, sweet, chocolate
Integrated acidity and heavy body

The washing station

Producers contributing to the Qoree station cultivate their coffee on semi-forested farms and deliver hand-selected cherries to the station.

Qoree is located in the Gera district in the well-known coffee-growing region of Djimma. Qoree previously focused on the production of commercial coffee, but after being purchased by Qaqe Industrial and Trading PLC, it has shifted its focus to specialty coffee production.


Farmers manually handpick the cherries, delivering them daily to Qoree washing station. At intake, they are first placed in water so that the damaged or underripe rise to the top and the highest quality sink. After this initial quality selection, the cherries are pulped on a disc pulper so as not to damage the grain and are then wet fermented for 18 to 24 hours. Once the mucilage is removed, it is washed again with clean water and then transferred to raised beds for drying.


Southern Ethiopia is the original home of coffee, where countless varieties grow wild in its humid and mountainous forests. All the plants of the Coffea arabica species throughout the world are descendants of the plants of southern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is the top coffee producer in Africa and the sixth in the world, with coffee representing almost 70% of its export income and employing approximately 15 million Ethiopians. There is one main annual harvest that takes place between November and February.

More than half of Ethiopia’s coffee is produced on small plots of land around the farmer’s home known as the ‘coffee garden’. Only 5% of Ethiopian coffee is produced on large estates and they tend to be low-lying plantations in the west of the country. Ethiopia makes use of both washed and natural processes, with a wide variety of cultivars producing some of the most magnificent and unique coffees in the world.


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