Acacia - El Magnífico


Cupping notes

Chocolate, berry and nutty.
Full mouth body. Well-integrated acidity.

The project

Managed by one of our most trusted importers, the “Core Coffee” project seeks to represent a region’s characteristic taste profile by mixing different batches of beans. This blend — representing the Yirgacheffee and Guji regions — is named Acacia, after the national tree of Ethiopia. The sweet and fruity profile of Ethiopia Acacia represents the classic flavours of some of Ethiopia’s most renowned coffee producing regions, with all of the coffee beans supplied by smallholders in the area. At Cafés el Magnífico, this is the second time we have welcomed one of the coffees from this project, having previously stocked Guatemala Ceiba.


In these southern regions of Ethiopia, farmers collect coffee selectively, picking only the ripest cherries. Every eight to ten days the pickers will move through the trees, choosing only the cherries at the peak of maturity. The coffee is pulped and washed by hand in cement channels at the community washing stations. After fermenting in water to loosen the mucilage, it is thoroughly washed using wooden paddles, then placed on raised beds to dry in the sun. Natural batches are dried on raised beds for 8 to 15 days during sunny weather, or 15 to 20 days when cloudy.


When we enter into the world of washed coffees in southern Ethiopia – the most famous names being Yirgacheffe and Sidama – we are submerged in a special sensory world different from the one most coffee drinkers are used to. These coffees — grown largely from indigenous Arabica varietals which are very rare almost anywhere else in the world — feature intense and often extravagant aromatic profiles: lemon, bergamot, flowers, cocoa, and brightly acidic fruits.

Located in southern Ethiopia, the Yirgacheffe region produces superb coffee, and is often known as “the Champagne region of the coffee world”. It has the perfect growing conditions for excellent production: just the right amount of rain and a fertile soil that absorbs all the essential minerals. Locals rarely dare to use the main road, particularly during the rainy season, as they know that its muddy slopes will make it impossible for them to leave its misty valley. It is as though beauty and danger were inseparable.

Yirgacheffe is both the name of a locality and the denomination of a quality of coffee.


Endemic varieties are a wild and mysterious mix of indigenous wildflower varieties, and each area or town has its own flavour profile, evolved over many years according to growing conditions such as soil, elevation, and climate. These profiles form the classification system for Ethiopian coffees, for example, Sidamo, Harrar, Limu, Djimmah, etc. It is widely argued that a Yirgacheffe grade can deliver one of the most distinctive profiles in the world, with a powerful floral aroma and an intense citrus flavour.

The Gedeo area is named after the Gedeo people, whose lands are located in this territory. It stretches south from Sidama as a narrow strip of land along the eastern slopes of the Ethiopian Highlands in the Oromia region.

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