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Etiopía Mulish

The Washing Station

Coffee from this region was historically categorised under the name Sidamo coffee. However, since 2002, it has been acknowledged as unique, acquiring its own designation: Shakiso. In 2014, Faisel, the founder of Testi Coffee, made his first visit to the area, and decided to establish the Mulish washing station.
Situated 40km from the city of Shakiso within the Guji area, the washing station is located on a slope that descends gradually to the Mormora River. Covering 4 hectares of land, it is fully equipped to facilitate the coffee washing process. Local producers deliver their ripe cherries to Mulish, where they undergo processing: washed or natural, followed by careful separation into batches.
Year after year, an increasing number of producers bring their coffee to this washing station. So much so that in 2016, Faisal made the decision to expand its facilities by opening another washing station in the area, named Bishan Dimo.


In the fertile soils of Shakiso the coffee trees are completely shaded and are grown without the use of any chemicals.
This particular batch has undergone a natural processing method. Ripe cherries are picked at optimum ripeness and transported to the Mulish washing station. There, they are carefully spread out on raised beds to dry in the sun for approximately 20 days. Following this drying period, the beans are stored in bags to rest, allowing them time to fully develop and absorb the diverse flavour nuances that will later be revealed during cupping.
After this period, the coffee is transferred to the thresher, where the husk is separated from the beans along with any other impurities.


Southern Ethiopia is the original home of coffee, where countless varieties grow wild in its humid and mountainous forests. All the plants of the Coffea arabica species throughout the world are descendants of the plants of southern Ethiopia.
Shakiso often flies under the radar compared to more famous areas such as Yirgacheffe, Sidamo and Harrar. However, this lack of recognition does not reflect its quality in the cup. Located several hours south of Yirgacheffe within the Guji area, Shakiso remained largely absent from maps until recently. It is not easily accessible and, in addition to its coffee forests, the town is known for two important gold mines, which have been sources of tension and conflict in its recent history.
Coffees from this area feature a distinctive floral essence that is rarely found in other varieties. The best quality specimens also show tremendously articulated fruit notes, intense sweetness and a mouthfeel that covers the entire palate.
Coffee production is quite new in this region. Young trees, planted in cool soil with excellent shade, tend to excel in quality over a long period of time. This is probably the case here, along with the prerequisites of high altitude, native varieties and well-managed milling processes. With more than 5,000 hectares dedicated to coffee cultivation in Shakiso, this emerging industry plays a vital role in the local economy.

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