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Descafeinado Colombia


The Descafecol company is located in the Colombian coffee region of Huila, and it boasts over 30 years of history. Specialising exclusively in the production of decaffeinated coffee and soluble coffee, what sets them apart is not just the quality of their processing, but also their commitment to using 100% Arabica coffee. Their reputation for excellence is known all over the world and they currently export to over 28 countries.

Descaffeination Process

The natural decaffeination process is carried out at Descafecol. High mountain spring water is blended with Ethyl Acetate (EA), sourced from natural origins. Naturally occurring in every coffee cherry (as well as in many fruits and vegetables), the presence of EA eliminates the need for any synthetic chemical additives.

Natural EA is obtained through a process based on sugar cane and is, together with mountain spring water, the only element with which coffee comes into contact. This water-AE process allows for a gentle extraction of caffeine from the bean, avoiding excessive heat and pressure, thus maintaining the natural structure and characteristics of the coffee bean.

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