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  • Colombia Lord Voldemort - El Magnífico

Colombia Lord Voldemort

La Finca (The Farm)

Deiro García from Pitalito, Huila, stands out as one of the most innovative coffee producers working today, especially in the area of fermentation. Over the past three years, he has conducted numerous experiments in coffee processing, achieving outstanding results with which to ensure consistent high quality on his farm. Before starting these experiments, Deiro took a microbiology course. There, he discovered how different bacteria and strains of yeast could shape a coffee’s taste profile. Inspired, he began cultivating his own bacteria and yeast using homemade fermentations from a range of fruits and vegetables.
The farm is named after Lord Voldemort because Deiro is a devoted Harry Potter fan. While he’s aware that naming his farm after the notorious villain from the Harry Potter series might be surprising, he believes it’s appropriate, given the unexpected results from his coffee processes.


The Pink Bourbon variety is well-known for its floral and sweet profile. Its fermentation must last a few hours to preserve these distinct characteristics.
Cherries are harvested at their peak point of ripeness and placed in 200-litre tanks for oxidation, a process that lasts more than 36 hours. They are then pulped and transferred to fermentation tanks where microorganisms, cultivated from the same cherries, are added.
This 36-hour process accelerates fermentation while preserving the classic Pink Bourbon taste profile. Grains are finally laid out to dry on raised beds for 15 days.


Huila is a province in southwestern Colombia. Located between the central and eastern mountain ranges, the
Magdalena River winds through the entire region. Huila is also home to Colombia’s second highest peak: the Nevado del Huila volcano. With year-round average temperature of 18° C and fertile soil containing a variety of rich mineral resources, Huila boasts a vibrant agricultural industry. Descendants of indigenous groups (Pieces, Halcones and Pijaos) continue to inhabit their places of origin in this region, living in specific protected areas and other small communities.

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