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Blend Nariño

La Finca (The Farm)

Each family processes the coffee on their farm and once it is dried, they take it to the cooperative of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia to sell it. The Nariño Federation profiles the batches one by one, finding a suitable taste outline to later mix the coffees and create a unique Blend that represents the municipalities of Tambo and Consacá.
The Federation works to improve the living conditions of more than 500.000 coffee-growing families, representing their interests on a national and international level.

Processing Method

Only the ripe cherries are harvested and then they are taken to the pulper. There, the pulp is removed and the coffee passed through water channels until it reaches the fermentation tanks. In order to remove the mucilage, the coffee is submerged in water for approximately 24 hours. After this time, the coffee goes through further water channels to finish removing the mucilage that may have adhered to the bean. The coffee is then dried on patios, raised stretchers or canopies.

Once the humidity reaches 11%, the coffee is taken to the Federation Cooperative where the batches are profiled one by one to mix the coffees.


Nariño is the southernmost province of Colombia, bordering Ecuador and home to thousands of small coffee-producing families. The three Andean mountain ranges of Colombia converge in Nariño, presenting ideal altitudes and fertile soils for the production of high altitude Arabica. It should be noted that its rugged slopes allow different temperatures to occur during the day over a relatively short distance.

This peculiarity allows for different topo- and
microclimates which create specific suitable coffeegrowing conditions in terms of water availability, temperature, solar radiation and wind regime. Its proximity to the equator is approximately 1 degree north, making the warm and humid winds from the bottom of the valleys rise at night and allowing coffee to be produced at heights that reach extreme altitudes, some at more than 2,300 meters above sea level!

This area of production presents annual average solar radiation of 1,660 hours, rain cycles of 1,860 mm, soils with a high content of organic matter that make it possible to grow coffee at high altitudes and temperatures on average of 19 ° C. Most of the coffeegrowers have shade, sustainability certifications and much appreciation, respect and love for nature.

The particular geography of Nariño and its proximity to coastal and land borders have historically transformed it into a corridor for illicit trade routes, leading to unjustified violence against residents of remote mountain farms. Today, thanks to the particularly
resilient and intrepid spirit of Nariño coffee growers, the small region is a respected hub of coffee innovation.

Salvador Sans participated as a judge in the 8th Edition of the Colombian Cup of Excellence held in San Juan de Pastos, in Nariño – 2010. He is happy to confirm that
his personal assessment coincided with the jury’s verdict and his favourite coffees were awarded with the distinction “Presidential Awards”. If you want to know more about this region, Salvador has written more extensively about his trip on the Cafés El Magnífico Blog

Cup of Excellence Colombia 2010


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